Should You Sell Your Home Solo? With So Much Information Available Online Today, It Might Not Be a Bad Idea

Many homeowners do not want to pay commission to a realtor to sell their home. This is understandable. Commission fees are not cheap. In older days, selling a home by yourself was a scary idea. However, there are so many online tools available today that selling your home yourself might be worth a try. There’s a lot that goes into listing, showing and selling a home. However, today’s online tools are great for expediting and easing this process. And there are plenty of benefits to selling your home on your own. The main benefit of selling on your own is saving money. Even if you decide to use an online multiple listing service, which comes with a small upfront fee, you’ll still save much more than if you had worked with a Realtor.

Getting your home ready for sale is essential. You should be making sure that the landscaping is on par. This means fresh grass, fresh flower-beds, no weeds and a swept driveway, porch, and side-yards. It may also mean painting over bright walls with neutral colors. It could also mean trimming trees and bushes. Once you’ve done the basics for maintenance and decor, it’s time to think about selling your home on your own. And this means you need to worry about things you wouldn’t have to with a real estate agent: listing and marketing your home. Here are some steps you need to take: 

One option is to hire a professional to give you an appraisal on the home. However, that can be an unnecessary expense. You can do some research on your own by going online to the sites you’ll use to list your home. See what other homes with similar square footage, rooms and features are going for in your area. Then, list your home competitively, but leave some room for negotiation in the process.

Today, homebuyers shop online. There is no way around this fact. They browse around all of the online listings, and decide which homes they want to see before even stepping foot into the house. Good photos are a must. They are not optional—that is, if you want to actually sell your house. Make sure you have tons. Different angles, for all rooms. There is nothing more irritating to a buyer than to look at your photos but see missing bathrooms and a blurry view of the kitchen. These types of things make them wonder..if there aren’t closets, does that mean it is because they are small? Your best bet is to use an HD camera and natural lighting. Figure out the time of day when your home looks best, or shoot rooms at different times of the day. Open the curtains wide, and get as much natural light in as possible. 

When you’re writing your listing, be sure to include lots of details. Once your listing is up, potential buyers will likely come to you. Being available is extremely important and is essential for good marketing. In other words, potential buyers should be able to reach you by email, phone or in person. Be prepared to work with a potential buyer on arrangements for showing the home. If the buyer is coming with an agent, you can most likely leave the home, allowing the agent to take his client through. But if you’re showing directly to a buyer, you’ll need to be there to highlight the best points of your home, and answer any questions the prospect might have. 

Before you even start marketing your home, it’s important to know what you’ll need for closing. This can be a complex process with lots of paperwork. You’ll need to stay on top of the paperwork, and make sure your buyer is on top of things, especially if the buyer doesn’t have an agent. Closing is one good reason to use a FSBO sellers website, since many of these sites have helpful information to walk you through the closing process. Selling your home on your own isn’t easy. There’s a reason realtors have full-time jobs, after all! However, if you have the time and effort to put in, and you want to save money, there’s never been a better time to go DIY when it comes to selling your home.

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  1. Susan Murphy (Post author)

    I would recommend steering clear of FSBO, whether you are the seller, or the buyer. Unless its your absolute DREAM home, its not worth it.


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