Things You Might Be Doing As a Seller That Are Turning Off Your Buyers…And How to Stop

1. Pointing out every flaw 28cd86eb4113f2df2a0a6692fcf15117

This is when buyers give sellers a detailed accounting of all a home’s defects and why each is being subtracted from the asking price. Sellers don’t care why you’re discounting the house. When you push the seller far enough, they start to take on the idea of “why do you even want the house?” It makes them want to just reject your offer altogether.

2. Requesting multiple ‘visits’ before closing

A buyer wants a lot of access after they’ve committed to purchase. They want to bring in decorators, architects, family or even visit it themselves. These visits interrupt thenegotiating-handshake-300x197 seller’s attempts to make repairs while also packing up and moving out. Do your repeat visit while the inspector is on-site, since this is time that is already carved out for the house to be invaded.

3. Trying to renegotiate after the agreement

You’ve agreed on a price, and signed a contract, but now the buyer wants to change the offer, because, “the market has changed.” This usually happens when buyers feel they’ve overpaid in the heat of the moment, when really they didn’t want to pay as high as they offered. This is otherwise known as “buyers remorse.” When this happens, its very uncomfortable for your agent. It’s violating the terms of the contract, and it’s insulting to every party involved. On the other hand, sometimes the seller decides at the last minute to raise the price because he really may be taking offers through another realtor. People are sneaky.  

4. Rushing the closing date

Unless you’re buying an already-vacated property, the seller will likely need some time to get everything together and clear out. Some buyers, request an unrealistic move-in date. It’s annoying to the seller for the buyer to want to close before the seller is ready to move out. For the buyer to demand a certain date is really disrespectful. For further reading, check out this article called Four Wonderful Ways to Annoy a Home Seller.


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  1. Amanda

    Please don’t try to negotiate your offer agreement. It’s not fair to the seller, and its not fair to either of the real estate agents involved. It could almost be called “indian giving,” where you say you’ll give someone something and then just change your mind. Buyers will come up with all sorts of’s not fair, but in the end, you’ll have to decide if you want to change your mind too, and let go of the deal.


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